Jango Hosting started in April 2015 in the university town of Stellenbosch in sunny South Africa. Initially Jango Hosting was only a web hosting business, but after we saw that our customers needed a complete solution, we’ve diversified to the business we are today. Jango Hosting was founded by – and is still run by – Jano Barnard, a student at Stellenbosch University. Currently he is doing his¬†final year in B.Sc. Geoinformatics.


What we can help you with

Whether you need a website for yourself, your business or your online shop, we’ve got you covered.


We offer various hosting packages to suit your needs. Your website will be securely hosted on our North American servers.


With hundreds of domain extensions available we’ll definitely find your fit, or you can just follow the masses and go with .COM.


Get personalized email addresses for your needs – it’s surely more professional¬†than using Gmail.


Handling sensitive info on your website? Secure the details of your customers by encrypting your site with SSL.


Take your business to the cloud and access your files wherever you are.


Putting the "I" in team

Jano Barnard, founder of Jango Hosting, originates from the town Upington in the the arid Northern Cape province of South Africa. Although he studies B.Sc. Geoinformatics, he has a passion for web development and making ideas come to life.

When he was still in high school he started playing around with making websites. At first it was just a good old HTML site hosting a few flash games, but in 2012 he purchased his first domain for a personal website, janobarnard.co.za. In 2013 a personal blog was also added at blog.janobarnard.co.za.

When Jano started his studies at Stellenbosch, he decided to start his own web hosting business as a sideline to his studies. That’s when Jango Hosting came into existence. Since then he helped customers turn their thoughts into websites. Apart from his own website at janobarnard.com and his blog at blog.janobarnard.com he also runs barnards.org.za where he publishes the Barnard family tree.